HD Automatic Charging Relay 500 A / 12V

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€294.08 This is a NET-price excluding German VAT. Shipments to countries outside of the EU may be subject to import duties and taxes.
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HD Automatic charging relay 500A
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12 V
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This high-performance bistable charging relay automatically regulates the charging of two large battery banks. Manual control is also possible via a mechanical switch on the housing or via a remote control switch (supplied). A useful device that allows the batteries to be quickly connected or disconnected in an emergency. The handset also has a LOCKED OFF position for maintenance purposes. The various operating states can be remotely monitored via the LED output either via the integrated LEDs in the remote control switch or via an optional LED in a different location.
The integrated power surge and low voltage surveillance prevents the batteries from being connected and thus protects the house batteries from too high voltage from a defective alternator.
In order to protect your sensitive on-board electronics from voltage dips or interference signals, the relay can also be controlled in such a way that starter and consumer batteries remain separated from each other during a starting process.*
Regardless of the operating mode - the internal consumption is extremely low (40 mA).
* (connect the brown, green or orange control cable of the relay via a 2 A fuse with PLUS from terminal 17 or from terminal 50a)

Technical specifications:
  • DC power supply
    • 12V version:> 9.6V
  • DC current:
    • 2500 A for 10 seconds
    • 700 A for 5 minutes
    • 500 A constant
  • Power consumption:
    • in operation = <40 mA
    • when switching short-term (20 msec.) = <7 A
  • Relay functions
    • turn on
      • after 30 sec at 13.5 V
      • after 90 seconds at 13.0 V
    • Switch off at low voltage
      • after 10 seconds at 12.35 V
      • after 30 seconds at 12.75 V
    • Switch off at power surge from 16.2 V
  • Remote control switch:
    CARLING ON-OFF-ON (1-pole with 2x LED red)
    required mounting hole for remote control switch: 36 mm x 21 mm (1.45" x 0.83")
  • Connections
    • Relay = 2x threaded bolt 10mm bolt (3/8"-16), tightening torque 15.8 Nm (140 in-lb),
    • 6 different coloured control cables with tin-plated cable ends,
    • Remote control switch = 5x 6.3 mm flat plug
  • Dimensions: 139 x 95 x 51.5 mm.
  • Weight: 0.93 kg (2.06 lb)

This charging relay is designed for use in wiring systems with lead-acid battery types (also AGM and gel).

It monitors voltage levels matched to lead-acid battery types and automatically switches on or off at specific levels.
We strongly advise against using this relay in conjunction with LiFe(Y)PO4 batteries, as the higher nominal voltage or working voltage range of lithium batteries is not compatible with the levels for lead-acid types.


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Michel P.
Flag of France Verified purchase
Un très bon coupleur de batteries
Used to couple the battery packs with the engine battery. It works perfectly in accordance with the specifications (trip thresholds, automatic and manual mode ...) It allows to recover part of the energy of the engine battery to complete the servitude park, while maintaining a minimum of 50% ample enough to start the engine. The triggering of the coupler is a bit noisy and little surprise at night.
Top Produkt Super Preis ! !
Mirko W.
Flag of Germany Verified purchase
Super Laderelais, ideal für ein Doppelbatteriesystem.\r\nSchaltet sehr zuverlässig, gute Verarbeitung, auch unter hoher\r\nLast bleibt das Relais angezogen bei manueller Überbrückung.\r\nIdeal für Seilwindenbetrieb geeignet.

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