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AUTOTERM AIR diesel air heater 44D DELUXE URAL EDITION / 4 kW
Operating voltage
12 V
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The 4D DELUXE URAL EDITION auxilliary diesel air heater from Autoterm Air is perfect for larger boats from 7.5 m. The digital control panel (including temperature sensor) makes it extremely easy to adjust power levels and temperature. The air heater is certified (e2) and can be installed without registration. The hole dimensions are identical to those of the popular Webasto or Erberspächer heaters, so it is easy to replace without having to drill new holes. Delivery includes an altitude kit, an exhaust silencer, an additional tank and all the components needed for installation. A minimum diameter of 90 mm is recommended for connecting hot air pipes. The connection adapter for the warm air side to reduce from 96 mm to the standard dimension of 90 mm is not included in the delivery.

The heater's cable harness features a gate input for connecting your own remote control or other secondary control unit. You can choose whether the connection is made via ON/OFF switch or pulse. The advantage of the latter means that it is possible to operate the heater with different controllers. For example, you can switch on with a remote control or a push-button and later adjust power levels or even switch off from your bed using the included control element.

In addition, the air heater is equipped with a so-called altitude kit. Thanks to this altitude kit, the heater automatically reduces the quantity of fuel injected depending on the ambient air pressure. This prevents or drastically reduces the likelihood of the combustion chamber from clogging with carbon particulate in the event of a falling air oxygen content.

Maintenance is not normally necessary. However, to prolong service life the combustion chamber must be allowed to get really hot from time to time to burn off any residues. As a rule, running the heater at full power for at least half an hour once every week or every two weeks is enough to allow the combustion chamber to reach full temperature again.

Technical specifications
Voltage 12V
Input 10 - 62 W
Heating capacity 1 - 4 kW
Airflow rate 70 - 120 m³ / h
Fuel consumption 0.12 - 0.514 l / h
Air intake 80/83 mm
Hot air outlet 96/100 mm
Dimensions Length: 330 mm + 30 mm intake
Height: 265 mm + 30 mm bracket + 45 mm screw cap
Depth: 100 mm
Weight of the heater (without accessories) 5.5 kg

  • Heater 12 V
  • Digital control unit PU-27 with OLED display and timer function (cable length 1.8 m)
  • PU-27 Articlewight: 0,30 kg; Dimensions: WxHxD 60 × 50 × 12 mm; only available with russian oder english menulanguage
  • Dosing pump "Thomas Magnet P327"
  • Dosing pump rubber holder 
  • Dosing pump wire harness (cable length 6 m)
  • Heater wire harness (cable length 6.5 m)
  • Intake air hose with integrated silencer
  • Heat protection hose
  • End piece exhaust pipe + clamp
  • Tank intake pipe
  • 5.5 m fuel line
  • 7.5 l fuel tank plastic + 3x mounting bracket (dimensions see below)
  • 300 mm fuel line connector
  • 1 m corrugated exhaust pipe metal 24 mm
  • Stainless steel exhaust muffler (dimensions 17 x 9 x 5 cm)
  • Screws, nuts, clamps, heat shrink tubing, cable ties
  • Operation manual
In order to avoid drilling large holes for the connectors when installing the dosing pump wire harness, a connector housing has not been partially installed on one side. It is included with the delivery and can be found in a small bag.
Polarity need not be observed when installing the contacts in the plug housing.


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