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The new easyONE-DSC-M is a compact, palm-sized AIS and DSC-MOB (Man over Board) emergency transmitter with manual trigger function only.
The new, powerful emergency transmitter is unchanged on the outside, but an important feature has been added on the inside that can significantly increase your safety on board: the abilty to send a DSC distress call to up to eight different ships.
Due to its small size, the easyONE-DSC-M is also suitable for water sports, where an automatic life jacket and automatic activation of the transmitter by water contact does not make sense. Nevertheless, an emergency transmitter can also be helpful in some situations, if not life-saving.

The emergency signal is broadcast on the basis of the globally standardised radio system, AIS (Automatic Identification System), which has been mandatory in commercial shipping since 2007. On standardised frequencies, ships send their respective "ship journey data" to each other at short intervals in order to avoid collisions. This data also includes the current GPS position, as well as the current course and speed over ground. In addition to commercial shipping, which is required by law, there is an ever-increasing number of recreational craft that also use this system for improved navigation, due to safety reasons.
The easyONE-DSC-M is attached to the body with a safety line, so that the transmitter, after activation, can float in the water in front of the victim. A strong and bright LED ensures better visibility in the dark.
In the event of a sudden emergency situation, the device can be activated manually at the touch of a button to send an AIS MOB emergency message. This can be done by simply removing the transparent protective cap.
After activation, the device sends a full AIS MOB position message. In addition to the individual device identification number, this message contains the current GPS position, as well as the current course and speed over ground.
This special device identification number gives the receiver the information that an AIS emergency transmitter has been activated. A symbol corresponding to an emergency message (red X with red circle) is displayed on chart plotters or computer screens of all ships with an AIS system on board, within a radius of up to 7 miles (approx. 12 km). In addition, acoustic alarms about the emergency situation are activated.
The GPS position of the easyONE-DSC-M updates every minute and is transmitted several times within 60 seconds.
Parallel to the AIS, the emergency transmitter sends a DSC distress call alarm after manual activation. The alarm is received by up to eight ships whose MMSI number had been programmed in advance via Bluetooth and the Weatherdock app. The first alarm is triggered without GPS coordinates. As soon as GPS coordinates are available, a second alarm including GPS coordinates of the victim is sent via DSC. This transmission is then repeated every five minutes for the next 30 minutes, after which time it doubles to 10 minutes.
This results in the highest possible number of potential first responders for the person in need of help.

Technical specifications
  • Dimensions: 195 x 50 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 120 g
  • Water resistance: up to 10 meters
  • Battery: LiMn cells
  • Battery operating time: 36 hours at -20 ° C
  • Battery life: 7 years
  • Frequency: 161.975 and 162.025 MHz
  • Transmitting power:> = 1 Watt
  • GPS receiver: With integrated antenna according to IEC61108-1
  • VHF antenna folds out, in standby mode when rolled up in the device
  • Displays: 3 LEDs (1x GPS status and 2x Flash)
  • Controls: 2 buttons (Test and ON)
  • Supported AIS messages in transmission mode
    • Position report: AIS position report, device identification number, course over ground, speed over ground
    • Emergency message: Safety message, device identification number, text: "MOB ACTIVE" in case of emergency (ON), text: "MOB TEST" in test mode (TEST)
  • Operating temperature: -10 ° C to +55 ° C
  • Storage temperature: -30 ° C to +70 ° C
  • AIS and DSC-MOB distress stations
  • Full AIS MOB emergency transmission (972 ...)
  • Every AIS receiver within range is informed about the location, course and speed of the victim
  • Simply remove protective cap
  • Manual activation by pressing a button only
  • More than 1 watt of radiated power
  • Range up to 7 nautical miles and more
  • More than 36 hours battery capacity after activation at 0 ° C
  • Strong LED flashing light for better visibility in darkness
  • Palm sized unit
  • 100% floatable, waterproof up to 10 m depth
  • No registration or license required
  • Up to 8 different MMSI numbers programmable for "closed loop"
  • Programming via Bluetooth with the free Weatherdock app
  • No radio certificate necessary

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Burkhard K.
by Burkhard K. Flag of Germany 9/2/2019 Verified purchase
Handlicher Notsender
easy to use and program for DSC calling

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