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Ideal for use in the maritime sector. AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery in accordance with the latest technology. The electrolyte is tied up in the glass mats, whereby the batteries are almost dry and leak-proof. This is a very finely textured glass mat construction, which is soaked in the production with the electrolyte. Through an exclusive ultra-premium valve its impossible that the battery produces gases. Hence the need for ventilation is not necessary.
We recommend IUoUo charging characteristics for charging a AGM battery. Due to the high power consumption of AGM batteries, the charging technique used should operate temperature controlled, so it should be provided with a temperature sensor.
100% maintenance-free (closed system), Zenith-AGM batteries are leak proof (even if damaged), shock and vibration resistant.
Different mounting angles from the vertical are possible.
With proper handling very long life. The number of cycles is approximately 400 at 50% DOD.
Very good discharge characteristics and shelf life without constant reloading, which means minimal self-discharge (about 2% stand loss / month).
Extremely durable. The AGM batteries can deliver high peak currents and are therefore also suitable for starter purposes.
Available in different capacity models, respectively 12V.
Connections: threaded holes M6 and M8 (see data sheet) or brass cones (included) for standard SAE-pole terminals, max thightening torque 5-7 Nm.
Position of ports: in capacities up to 160 Ah on the long side, with capacity > 210 Ah on the narrow side.
Recommended charging voltage: cyclically from 14.6 to 14.8 V, trickle charge 13.6 to 13.8 V, all values at 25°C or / 77°F.

Note to storage.
Our tip: keep the batteries fully charged in a cool environment.
The shelf life is dependent on temperature. Therefore, it should be recharged at appropriate intervals.
Reloading the battery: at temperatures under 20°C - after 9 months, at 20-30°C after 6 months and at 30-40°C after 3 months.


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Roger G.
by Roger G. Flag of Germany 8/3/2015 Verified purchase
As described, all TOP!
Jörg S.
by Jörg S. Flag of Germany 6/28/2015
Price - performance is good, the longevity must first show
Georg A.
by Georg A. Flag of Spain 12/16/2014 Verified purchase
Without problems so far (since 9/2014). We can see it in 3 years. Chargers: CTEK300 (net) and Sterling Pro Digital (alternator)

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