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BEPMARINE gas detectors are processor-controlled and provide reliable sensor sensitivity for both LPG, CNG and gasoline vapors. Standard delivery includes a gas sensor with a 5 m connection cable as well as an electric gas cylinder valve.
BEPMARINE gas detectors should always be connected to the operating voltage, and therefore they have no on/off switch. This ensures maximum safety while you are on your boat or in your vehicle.
Explosive gas mixtures have a different density. Some are heavier than air and accumulate on the ground, others are lighter and rise, thus collect below the vehicle's roof. You should always keep this in mind, when installing gas sensors!
By using a second gas sensor, all potential hazards are taken into account and maximum safety is achieved.

For LPG and gasoline vapors that are heavier than air, mount the sensor near the ground, where the vapors are likely to accumulate.
For CNG vapors that are lighter than air, mount the sensor in the area of the ceiling, but not above cooking or heating equipment!

A second gas sensor can be connected to the 600-GDL. This way you can monitor the gas box, bottle stowage and the bilge or the area below the cooker/stove.
Each monitoring circuit is equipped with a separate 3-color control LED which indicates the respective system status: during normal function: green, in the case of system errors: yellow and in the event of an alarm: red. The system may be tested by means of the "TEST" button.
The 600-GDL can control a gas cylinder solenoid valve. For this purpose, the device is furnished with a unique pulse and hold control, which opens the solenoid valve with a short and powerful 12 V pulse and then keeps it open with a reduced voltage of about 5 volts. In this manner the power consumption remains low, which also prevents unwanted heat generation of the solenoid valve. The "GAS" button can be used to manually switch the electrovalve on or off. The LED light above the button indicates the current switching status.
An internal acoustic alarm (piezo buzzer) as well as additional connections for further external alarm devices or a fan round off the extensive safety features of the device. Dimensions (WxHxD): 88 x 67 x 17 mm / 2.4" x 3.5" x 0.7".
ATTENTION The 600-GDL is designed exclusively for 10-15 operating voltage! For operation in the 24 volt vehicle electrical system, a suitable DC/DC converter must be connected upstream, e.g. item 41022.

Optical (LED) and acoustic (piezo) signals for sensor 1 and 2
LED GREEN - no explosive gas mixture, no signal tone
LED YELLOW - sensor error detected, slow beep
LED RED - alarm, gas present, quick alarm sound

Signal tone medium/slow - warm-up phase - all LEDs flash yellow
Signal tone quick - ALARM - LED lights up red
Signal tonre slow - sensor error - LED lights up yellow

All details at a glance
  • Microprocessor control
  • Two monitoring circuits available
  • Self-test possible
  • Automatic and manual control of a gas cylinder solenoid valve with LED power indicator
    (Connection load capacity max 800 mA @ 12 V)
  • Integrated visual and audible alarm
  • Connection for further external alarm devices
    (Load capacity max 800 mA @ 12 V, with larger currents use an additional relay)
  • Connection for a vent
    (Maximum load capacity 800 mA @ 12 V, with larger currents use an additional relay)
  • Operating voltage 10-15 V DC
  • Current consumption 350 mA max.
  • Required fuse 2 A
  • Sensitivity 20% LEL (lower explosion limit)
  • Surface or rear mounting (max 2.5 mm panel wall thickness)
  • Dimensions (WxHxD) 88 x 67 x 17 mm / 3.5" x 2.4" x 0.7"
  • Electrical connection on the back of the device via two power strips with screw terminals
    The connections are clearly marked
    • + POSITIVE 10-32 volt DC (via fuse 2 A)
    • - NEGATIVE electrical system
    • B POSITIVE control output for fan or relay (max 800 mA @ 12V)
    • A POSITIVE control output for external audible alarm (max 800 mA @ 12V)
    • C NEGATIVE for external audible alarm / fan (or relay)
    • S Control output for electric gas cylinder valve
      (NEGATIVE of the cylinder valve is connected to NEGATIVE electrical system, not with connection C!)
    • R Red sensor connection cable (sensor 1)
    • G Green sensor connection cable (sensor 1)
    • B Black sensor connection cable (sensor 1)
    • R * Red sensor connection cable (sensor 2)
    • G * Green sensor connection cable (sensor 2)
    • B * Black sensor connection cable (Sensor 2)
      * If only one sensor is used, contacts B and G of the unused sensor connector must be connected with each other.

Connection of the TRUMA electric gas cylinder valve
The connection cable (LiYY 3 x 0.34 mm²) is approx. 1.4 m long with approx. 4.5 mm outside Ø.
Of the three wires, the white and brown wires are needed, the green wire remains open.
  • Connect the white wire with clamp "S" of the gas detector
  • Connect the brown wire with negative electrical system.
  • Tuck the green wire back onto the sheath of the connection cable and secure it with insulating tape.
If necessary, the connection cable can be extended to 5 m with 2 x 1.5 mm²; use 2 x 2.5 mm² to extend to 10 m.

BEPMARINE gas sensor BL-SL-L
  • Case dimensions Ø x H: 42 x 21 mm
  • Connection cable Ø x L: 3.5 mm x 5 m, wire colors red/green/black
  • Distance between mounting screws: 37 mm
  • 2 Phillips self-tapping screws 1.9 x 13 mm included

The sensor must be mounted in an area that is protected against (bilge or splash) water.
If the gas sensor gets wet, it is no longer safe/ready for operation and must be replaced!

The original gas sensor as a second sensor or spare can be ordered here.


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Dr. M.
by Dr. M. Flag of Germany 7/31/2010
Well-made device with neat connections. Truma remote control valve. After operating the main switch, the device will test and switch to the green indicator light with the device and sensor intact. When gas is detected, the valve closes automatically and a loud warning beep sounds.

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