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Simrad is a company, which knows their way around autopilots, due to their 40 plus years of experience designing and manufacturing autopilot systems. You will find a wide selection of their products with us.
The new Robertson autopilot system sets a new milestone. With the innovative concept of automatic seastate, the autopilot automatically compensates itself for the conditions at sea. There are numerous drive units (hydraulic pumps, mechanical and electro-hydraulic linear actuators) available. You can select your autopilot according to your individual wishes and needs.
To determine the correct autopilot, do not hesitate to contact us!
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Mounting socket for tiller pilot

Mounting socket for tiller pilot

6,80 € EUR In stock only 6,80 €
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Cantilever Bracket for Tiller Pilot SIMRAD

Cantilever Bracket for Tiller Pilot

83,95 € EUR In stock only 83,95 €
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Pedestal Assy for Tiller Pilot SIMRAD

Pedestal Assy for Tiller Pilot

62,95 € EUR In stock from 62,95 €
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Tiller Bracket SIMRAD

Tiller Bracket

37,95 € EUR In stock from 37,95 €
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Pushrod Extension for Tiller SIMRAD

Pushrod Extension for Tiller

24,95 € EUR In stock from 24,95 €
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Tiller Pilot TP Series SIMRAD

Tiller Pilot TP Series

299,95 € EUR In stock from 299,95 €
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