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B&G - ZEUS2 9" incl. WiFi Module GoFree and CAMINO-108

The set contains the following items:

  • B&G - ZEUS2 9"
  • WiFi Module GoFree
  • CAMINO-108
  • Navico data cable

Thanks to its icon-guided user interface and multi-touch control, the B & G Zeus² Touch is extremely easy to use. The powerful processing capabilities provide lightning fast card, radar and entertainment functions.

B & G ZEUS² Touch offers advanced sailing navigation features and calculates, for example, the distance to waypoints and estimated time of arrival at waypoints via laylines, the local course. Sailors benefit from Enhanced Laylines, which offer the ability to see cross angles without entering the waypoint on your ZEUS² Chartplotter.

The exclusive B&G SailSteer screen displays all your sailing data on one display. This allows sailors to get a quick overview of heading, course over ground, current location, calculated tide, angle, true wind and rudder angle display. B&G Zeus² Touch can be connected to all of B&G's innovative and powerful modules - including the Broadband 4G™ and 3G™ Radar; the GoFree Wireless WiFi-1, the audio server SonicHub® and much more. The system is individually adaptable and allows networking of up to six ZEUS² multifunction displays. In addition, it is equipped with an HDMI video output for compatible monitors and a video input for the support of night vision cameras. B&G ZEUS² Touch supports an exceptionally wide range of cartographic options available on the market. These include the C-Map MAX-N cards, Navionics® Gold and Platinum, Insight Genesis and many other cards (e.g. NV cards). The B&G ZEUS² can even navigate with two different types of cards simultaneously.
  • Timeplot records history, ideal for assessing trends in air pressure, depth, or wind speed
  • WindPlot provides real wind speed and direction, important for skippers when planning the route or while on route
  • Sail-specific navigation functions (Laylines)
  • Compatible with Broadband Radar
  • MARPA target tracking
  • Compatible with GoFree Wireless
  • Composite video input
9"/ 22.8 cm WVGA (800 x 480 pixels) touch screen
Dimensions 9" = 279 x 163 x 105.6 mm
Power supply 12 - 24 VDC nominal (9.0 - 32.0 VDC min-max)
Background Lighting 1200 nits
Navigation Waypoint Memory: 10,000 points total combined between waypoints/route points
NMEA0183 Yes
NMEA2000 Yes
Ethernet Yes
GPS Built-in 10 Hz GPS antenna
Background Mapping Integrated worldwide background chart
Chart options Navionics®, C-MAP MAX-N, Insight, Insight Genesis, NV Digital and charts with Navico Mapcreator
Card slot 2x microSD

The devices of the CAMINO-108 series are the new generation of AIS-B transceivers. In a compact housing you will find optimized reception and transmission power with BSH and CE certificate. The dual-channel receiver allows monitoring of all AIS signals, such as Class A (professional shipping), Class B, AtoN and SART. The NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB port connect to chartplotters and PC's. The recordings of AIS data are greatly simplified with the built-in SD card slot. Optionally, a box is available that allows you to turn off and on the transmission of AIS signals as needed. (Art.95544) Camino-108W 2nd generation The version with integrated WiFi has a new, more powerful WiFi module, which offers a very stable connection and a user-friendly user interface. In addition, more than 10 mobile devices can be connected to the Camino-108W in access-point mode.

  • BSH and CE approval
  • NMEA2000, NMEA0183 and USB ports
  • built-in GPS module (the matching GPS antenna is optional, art. 95539)
  • Send can be switched off (with optional switch, Art.95544 )
  • 12 / 24V operating voltage
  • including AIS viewer and configuration software

Models Supported interfaces
NMEA0183 NMEA2000 USB SD card Wi-Fi

Note : The AIS transmitter / receiver can be programmed by you. If you still want the device to be programmed by us, we will charge our programming fee for this service.
The application for allocation of the MMSI can be found in our Service / Download section.

Video / NMEA0183 data cable. Length: 2 meters.

  1. NMEA 0183 RX_B (orange)
  2. NMEA 0183 RX_A (green)
  3. NMEA 0183 TX_B (blue)
  4. NMEA 0183 TX_A (yellow)


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